Why you can't pour boiling water over coffee: an unexpected answer from experts

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How to make coffee correctly
How to make coffee correctly. Source: pexels.com

Coffee is the best drink that almost everyone starts their morning with. You can make coffee in different ways: with milk, cream, sugar, and spices. However, it is very important to know how boiling water can affect the taste and aroma of this drink.

Delicious cinnamon coffee

The FoodOboz editorial team shares with you tips on how to make delicious and proper brewed and instant coffee at home.

How to make coffee correctly

Water temperature plays an important role in brewing coffee. Both very hot and room temperature affect the taste of the drink. Experts say that coffee should not be poured with boiling water as it has a very bad effect on the taste.

The ideal temperature for making delicious brewed coffee is 90-95°C.

What kind of water to add to instant coffee

What water to add to coffee

It's worth noting that instant coffee contains artificial ingredients, so you shouldn't pour boiling water. It will just enhance the taste and smell of the artificial ingredients, which have an unpleasant odor and taste.

How to make instant coffee taste good

If you want to make instant coffee delicious, put the right amount of coffee in a cup, add one tablespoon of cold or slightly warm water, stir, and then pour in hot water.


What water to add to brewed coffee

Ground brewed coffee should be poured with cold water and brewed in a cesve. Boiling water is not suitable for this drink as it will not allow the full flavor and aroma to be revealed.

Delicious brewed coffee

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