Why does white foam appear when frying chicken, and is meat with such foam dangerous: dispelling myths

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Fried chicken meat
Fried chicken meat. Source: allrecipes.com

Chicken meat is a very budget-friendly, tasty and healthy product that can be the basis for making delicious cutlets, and chops, and you can also cook delicious soup and broth. But it is very important to be able to choose the right product so that the dishes made from it are safe.

The FoodOboz editorial team shares useful information on why white foam forms during the cooking of chicken meat and whether such meat is safe. The information was published in Newsy.gotujmy.

How to determine the freshness of meat

Is the foam that is released when cooking meat poisonous?

Nutritionists say that the foam that forms during cooking, namely when frying, is absolutely safe. Chicken meat consists mostly of protein. Under the influence of high temperature, protein denaturation occurs, that is, its structure changes. After eating this foam, you are safe!

Meat with orange

Can antibiotics cause foam during cooking?

It is a common myth that the foam released from the chicken during frying is caused by antibiotics and hormones given to birds during rearing. There is no truth in this, as such substances are prohibited. They are only administered to animals in justified cases at the request of a veterinarian, and this is extremely rare. Chicken meat is shipped to stores from farms, so it is almost impossible to find meat containing antibiotics or hormones in a store.

How to choose the right chicken meat

However, it's worth noting that it's best not to eat chicken entrails, including the liver, because it can accumulate harmful substances. It is also not advisable to eat chicken wings and be sure to remove the skin.

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