Why chocolate can not be stored in the refrigerator: nutritionist's answer

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Chocolate should be stored and eaten properly

Millions love chocolate but only a few enjoy it properly. This is the opinion of British nutritionist Natalie Alibrandi.

In a commentary to The Sun, she said that most people in the UK not only eat these delicacies incorrectly but also store them improperly, which is why they lose some of their properties. In particular, Alibrandi emphasized that chocolate should not be stored in the refrigerator.

The humidity in the refrigerator is too high and the temperature is too low for this product. The best storage temperature for chocolate is +18 °C. In a colder and more humid environment, it can delaminate, pushing the sugar to the surface, and oxidize. In addition, chocolate can absorb the odors of other products in the refrigerator, which will also negatively affect its taste.

How do you recognize that chocolate has been stored incorrectly? According to the expert, an obvious sign is a sharp clicking sound when you break off a square from a bar. In addition, the dessert starts to melt too quickly or acquires a crumbly texture.

Thus, Alibrandi shared 10 "commandments" on how to eat chocolate to maximize its flavor and get the most out of it.

Eat before lunch

The best time to enjoy chocolate is between breakfast and lunch. Taste buds have rested overnight, the body still needs the caffeine contained in these sweets, and good emotions will always be appropriate.

Do not store in the refrigerator

All the reasons why chocolate should not be stored in the refrigerator are listed above. Let us just remind you that the optimal storage temperature for chocolate is 18 degrees.

Do not chew

Many people take a bite of chocolate and start chewing it. Well, this is also a way. However, it's better to let it melt in your mouth. This way, it will best reveal all the layers of its flavor.

Eat in small portions

According to the expert, the ideal way to consume chocolate is 6 pieces of 4 grams each. Anything more than this will be an overstimulation of the taste buds, and the right feeling will be lost.

Use all your senses

Looking at the chocolate and its shiny surface, inhaling its special aroma and listening to the way it breaks off: all this is part of the experience of eating it.

Memorize the right sound

A short click as you break off a piece will tell you which chocolate has been stored properly and tastes the best.

Don't get distracted

Chocolate has so many volatile substances and flavor nuances that it deserves your full attention and will enhance the overall experience.

Make unexpected pairings

You can combine sweet milk or white chocolate with bitter foods, and bitter dark chocolate with something salty. It's important not to be afraid to experiment.

Wait for the aftertaste

Do not rush to interrupt the taste of chocolate with something else. Some varieties can take up to 45 minutes to fully develop. However, in most cases, a 15-minute period is enough.

Do not mix several types of it

Mixing different types of chocolate can overstimulate the taste buds, so you should consume different types separately (for example, milk and dark).

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