Why add banana peels to broth: an unexpected life hack

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Secrets of making delicious broth
Secrets of making delicious broth. Source: homesteadingfamily.com

Broth is not only a tasty but also a healthy dish that experts advise everyone to eat, especially in the fall and winter. The dish is prepared in the classic version from chicken meat, as well as vegetables, fish, and even beef. However, very often broths can be gray, greasy and tasteless. Do not give up as this can be easily avoided if you know a few secrets.

How to make a delicious chicken and beef stock

The FoodOboz editorial team shares with you useful tips on how to make a delicious, clear broth and why you should add banana peel to the dish when cooking.

Clear broth

To make the broth rich and clear, use fillets or skinless chicken breasts.

How to make a delicious broth

However, if the color of the broth is not important to you and you want it to be more satisfying, then you can safely cook the broth from wings or thighs with the skin. This broth will be darker and more caloric.

Chicken broth

Why add banana peel to the broth when cooking

Cooks say that banana peels make the meat in the broth soft, juicy, and flavorful. It's worth noting that adding banana peel to the broth makes the dish cook much faster.

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Banana peels can also be added to meat when baking. This will make it more tender, juicy and crusty.

Broth with breadcrumbs

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