What to add to bulgur to make it even more healthier: tips from an expert

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How to cook delicious bulgur
How to cook delicious bulgur. Source: pixabay.com

Bulgur is a very healthy and nutritious cereal that adds variety to the diet. It is worth noting that 100 g of cereal contains 12 g of protein, about 2 g of fat, 63 g of carbohydrates and 12 g of fiber, and its caloric content is 340 kcal. In 100 g of bulgur porridge, the amount of all these ingredients is about 3 times less.

Delicious and healthy bulgur

Nutritionist Svitlana Fus told us what is the best way to eat bulgur to make it healthy on Instagram.

Tips from nutritionist

"It is useful to add berries, fruits or greens to bulgur to improve the taste of the dish and saturate it with vitamins. A traditional bulgur dish is Tabbouleh salad, a cold boiled cereal with herbs and fresh vegetables, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil," Fus said.

Bulgur with vegetables and spices

The expert added that one of the advantages of cooking with bulgur is that even after prolonged cooking, it does not boil to a mushy state and does not lose its shape like rice or barley.


"Let me remind you that bulgur, like other cereals, is primarily carbohydrates. You often hear that it is better to eat carbohydrates in the morning and afternoon to have energy for physical and mental work and, most importantly, not to eat them in the evening to avoid gaining weight. This is only partially true. I would advise you to remove simple carbohydrates from your evening meal, first of all, sweet fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, honey, sweets. You can have bulgur porridge for dinner!" the expert summarized.

Healthy bulgur

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