What is the right order of layers in the Fur Coat salad: the perfect recipe

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Homemade Fur Coat salad
Homemade Fur Coat salad. Source: Cook.me

The Fur Coat salad is a very popular and budget-friendly salad that everyone can make. Moreover, it requires only boiled or baked vegetables, herring and mayonnaise.

The FoodOboz editorial team shares a recipe for a delicious Fur Coat and tells you in what order the products should layered in the salad.

How to cook Fur Coat correctly


  • herring fillet - 40 g
  • onions - 30 g
  • mayonnaise - 40 g
  • boiled potatoes - 30 g
  • boiled beetroot - 60 g
  • boiled carrots - 30 g
  • dill, herbs - to taste

The order of layers in a classic Fur Coat salad:

Layer 1: potatoes and mayonnaise.

How to cook Fur Coat correctly

Layer 2: onions.

Layer 3: herring and mayonnaise.

Herring for the dish

Layer 4: carrots and mayonnaise.

Ready-made dish

Layer 5: beets and mayonnaise. Garnish with herbs on top.

Homemade Fur Coat salad

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