What Princess Diana liked eating and why she dined at a round table only: secrets of royal life

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Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Many books and movies have been written about the life of Princess Diana of Wales, and viewers can learn many interesting facts about her fascinating life.

The FoodOboz editorial team has collected interesting stories about Princess Diana's diet, as well as her favorite food and drinks, which were published by Marie Claire.

Historians have repeatedly noted that Diana suffered from bulimia and postpartum depression, and each time it affected her diet and allegedly ate a balanced diet largely thanks to her personal chef Darren McGrady. It was he who prepared the delicious and healthy dishes that the princess loved.

Interesting facts:

1. Diana was a bad cook

A personal chef cooked for Diana 5 days a week and even left signed plates of food in the fridge for two days on weekends because she was a very bad cook.

"She was the worst thing that could have happened to the kitchen," McGrady says.

2. Diana's favorite dishes

The cook claims that there were dishes that Diana could not resist, such as stuffed peppers and eggplant. She also loved bread and desserts, especially classic English butter pudding with raisins. Diana also liked tomato mousse in a low-calorie version and dill mousse with lobster.

3. Diana's favorite drinks

McGrady claims that she did not like alcohol but drank light drinks, such as prosecco.

"She loved a peach Bellini, which is made with peach puree and prosecco," the chef says.

It is worth noting that Princess Diana was a very sociable person. She wanted to talk to everyone at the table, so the dining table was round so that everyone could see each other comfortably.

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