Pasta with minced meat and sauce for a hearty dinner: takes 15 minutes

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Pasta recipe
Pasta Recipe. Source: grantourismotravels.com

Pasta can be the perfect food to make delicious and hearty lunch and dinner dishes. They go well with stuffing, fish, vegetables and greens.

How to make delicious pasta

Cook Ivanna shared on Instagram a recipe for a dinner dish - pasta with minced meat, tomato sauce and spices.

The recipe for the dish


  • minced meat - 300 g
  • onions - 2 pcs.
  • tomato sauce - 3 tbsp.
  • salt, paprika, dried herbs - to taste
  • small pasta - 400 grams
  • water

Preparation method:

1. In vegetable oil, fry onion with minced meat, add spices and sauce, stew for 2 minutes.

Stuffing for the dish

2. Add the pasta and pour hot water to 1 cm above the level of the pasta and stew under a lid over low heat until tender.

Cooking the pasta

Sprinkle cheese over the finished dish before serving

Finished dish

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