Not necessary to boil: the chef named different ways to cook buckwheat. Exclusive

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How to cook buckwheat properly
How to cook buckwheat properly

Buckwheat is the most popular and sought-after cereal in Ukraine. It can be cooked in many ways, with meat, vegetables, mushrooms, gravy, and just butter.

How to cook buckwheat quickly and deliciously in a new way

Alex Yakutov, an expert of the reality TV show On Knives, told FoodOboz exclusively how to cook buckwheat and which variety is better.

How to cook crumbly buckwheat

No need to boil

How to cook buckwheat

"We boil brown buckwheat, but you don't need to do that. It's dried, so you just need to cover it with water. If you boil buckwheat, all the useful trace elements and vitamins that remain after frying are killed," the chef explained.

How to cook it correctly?

How to cook buckwheat correctly

"At night, cover the cereal with clean, cold water in a ratio of one to two. Cover it with a lid, and in the morning you'll have ready-to-eat buckwheat for breakfast," Alex advises.

Which buckwheat is better, green or brown?

Buckwheat porridge

"Green buckwheat is better than brown buckwheat from a nutritional point of view. But from a culinary point of view, it is better to cook brown buckwheat," said Yakutov.

The chef noted that buckwheat is used not only for porridge but also for noodles and desserts.

Buckwheat dishes

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