No-knead wheat bread: the easiest recipe from Volodymyr Yaroslavskyi

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No-knead bread recipe
No-knead bread recipe

One of the most popular products is bread. It can be made very easily at home with milk, water, and no kneading. The dough can also be made without flour.

Culinary expert Volodymyr Yaroslavsky shared a recipe for delicious no-knead bread on Instagram that you can cook quickly.

Bread recipe


  • Flour – 400 g
  • Salt – 8 g
  • Dry yeast – 1/2 tsp.
Flour for dough
  • Water – 300 ml
  • Flour for the dough

Method of preparation:

1. Sift the flour through a sieve to avoid lumps.

Ingredients for bread

2. Then add it with the salt and yeast, pour in the water at room temperature, and mix very quickly.

3. Put the finished dough into a bowl and cover with cling film, leave it in a warm place for 12-16 hours.

Bread dough

4. Sprinkle flour on the table and put the dough out, gently fold it into an "envelope", making sure to press it down a little each time to make it "stick together".

How to make bread dough

5. Put the finished bread on a baking sheet, cover it with a towel, and leave it for 2 hours to rise. Remove the remaining flour and place the dough seam-side down.

Ready-made bread

6. Turn on the oven and put the bread pan in the oven, bake at 250 C.

No-knead bread recipe

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