No flour, sugar, or eggs: a healthy dessert for those on a diet, according to Alexander Gromlyuk's exclusive recipe

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If you want to make a delicious dessert very quickly, which can be eaten by children and those who are on a diet, use the most simple and budgetary products, such as granola, and banana. To make the dessert sweet, do not use sugar, replace it with honey, and to shade the taste, you can add berries with sourness - raspberries, strawberries, blackberries.

How to make a delicious dessert out of berries and muesli

Culinarian Alexander Gromlyuk shared with FoodOboz an exclusive recipe for a delicious and very easy-to-make dessert for those on a diet.

Muesli for a healthy dessert


  • Muesli - 300 g
  • Banana - 140 gr
  • Glucose - 30 gr
  • Raspberry - handful

Honey syrup:

  • Water - 80 ml
  • Honey - 80 gr

Method of preparation:

1. For the syrup: mix water with honey, add glucose, and bring to a boil. Remove from heat.

2. Pour water over the muesli to make it swell.

Muesli and syrup to make dessert

3. Then add to the syrup muesli, and mashed banana, and mix well.

3. whisk the raspberries in a blender, strain through a sieve so that there are no grains, and add to the muesli, stir and leave for 30 minutes.

How to make a delicious dessert out of banana and muesli

4. After spreading the mixture over a round mold on parchment, bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 150 C.

Let the dessert cool and serve!

Prepared dessert

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