Lazy Dumplings in 10 Minutes with Delicious Sauce: Recipe by Vladimir Yaroslavsky

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Lazy dumplings are easier to make than classic dumplings. You can use cottage cheese for the dough, it gives the dumplings a delicate texture. Also, lazy dumplings can be prepared with filling and sauces of sour cream, berries, and orange juice.

Lazy dumplings with sour cream

Culinarian Vladimir Yaroslavsky shared on Instagram a recipe for delicious lazy dumplings with orange juice sauce.

Dumplings recipe


  • fermented cottage cheese - 450 g
  • flour - 100 g
  • eggs - 1 pc
  • sugar - 50 g
  • vanilla sugar - 5 g


  • orange juice - 75 g
  • sugar - 15 gr
  • butter - 25 g
  • zest - to taste

Method of preparation:

1. squeeze the cottage cheese. Add the egg, sugar and knead well with a fork, then add the flour and mix.

Cottage cheese for cheesecakes

2. Shape the dough into balls with your hands.

Lazy cottage cheese dumplings

3. Bring the water to a boil, throw in the dumplings, and cook until they float.

How long to cook dumplings

4. Sauce: Bring the juice to a boil with the sugar and mash with butter.

Ready-made lazy dumplings

Pour sauce over the finished dumplings and serve.

Dumplings with berries and nuts

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