Is it safe to add honey to hot tea: an expert's surprising answer

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Natural honey
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Tea is a drink that almost everyone drinks and loves. There are many types of tea to suit every taste. You can enhance the taste and flavor of the drink with spices, citrus fruits, and honey.

How to make delicious tea at home

Hlib Repich, PhD in Chemistry, scientific expert, explained on Instagram whether it is harmful to add honey to hot tea and what happens to honey when it interacts with hot tea/water.

- Is it harmful to add honey to hot tea?

"There is a myth that when honey is added to hot tea, it produces "dangerous" oxymethyl furfural, which, according to a study, is allegedly a carcinogen, i.e. a poison. However, it is worth noting that oxymethyl furfural is an intermediate product of the chemical decomposition of sugars, which means that it is formed not only in honey, and not only when heated, but also in all food that has been heat-treated," the expert explained.

Pie with berries

The "leaders" in the amount of oxymethyl furfural are: roasted coffee, toast, prunes, and pastries.

Dark roast coffee

The expert noted that oxymethyl furfural is formed in all products that contain sugar, even without heating, such as wine, juices, and honey.

Dry red wine

"The longer the product is stored, the more of this particular substance is there," added Glib.

Natural honey

The expert also noted that there is no cause for concern, as recent studies have shown that the formation of oxymethyl furfural in products is not toxic or dangerous.

Therefore, you can safely drink hot tea with honey, it is absolutely safe!

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