How to wash glassware to make it shine: top 5 best and safest products

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Glassware in the kitchen is a special kind of cookware that needs to be properly washed (with the right products) and dried to avoid stains. But not all housewives know how not to ruin beautiful glassware with the wrong detergents.

How to quickly wash dishes

The FoodOboz editorial team has compiled a list of safe, natural detergents that can be used to wash fragile glass without damaging it and making it shine.

Clean dishes

How to clean glassware correctly

Glass beakers

1. Before washing such dishes, be sure to remove the jewelry, as it can scratch the glass.

How to wash dishes properly

2. To wash glassware, use a soft sponge or cloth. You do not need to wipe wet dishes, otherwise, there will be stains, just place the dishes on a cloth or rack to drain.

Sponge and dishwashing detergents

Safe home remedies for cleaning glassware that won't stain it:

1. Table vinegar 9%

Table vinegar

Add it to the water and soak the dishes for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse well with cold water.

2. Laundry soap

How to wash dishes with laundry soap

Rub the soap on a grater, add it to cool water, and soak the dishes in the soapy water. After that, rinse the dishes and dry them with a linen towel or simply turn them over to dry until they are completely dry.

Baking soda for dishwashing

3. Salt and soda

Baking soda

Rub dry salt on stains on glassware, it will clean everything. You can also dilute baking soda with water and rub the dishes with this mixture, then rinse everything off well. It will remove deposits and restore shine to glassware.

How to restore shine to glassware

4. Mustard powder

How to clean glasses

Dissolve it in 2-3 tsp of warm water, rub the dishes, and rinse with water. All grease and dirt will be washed away.

5. Lemon or citric acid

Citric acid

They are very effective in removing grease and carbon deposits. Lemon juice can be used pure or mixed with water, and citric acid can also be dissolved. They will restore the glass to shine.


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