How to peel an egg without damaging the white: a chef's secret

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Peeling an egg could be easier

Boiled eggs are used in recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but peeling them is a real challenge for many housewives.

According to the Express, cook and chef Lisa Steele shared three life hacks that will help you peel a boiled egg easily.

The first tip is not to use a fresh product for the dish. After all, the older the egg, the easier it will be to peel it from the shell. According to the expert, two-week-old eggs are best for cooking. This life hack guarantees easy cleaning, because when using hot water, you can simply get rid of the shell.

The second way is to steam the egg instead of boiling it. This method will help you easily remove the shell, regardless of the age of the product. This may not be the most traditional way of cooking, the expert notes, but it not only gets rid of the shell, but also avoids damaging the egg, as when boiling in water.

The third life hack is to cool the product before peeling. The easiest way is to put the eggs in water with ice, and then you can get rid of the shell. If there are only a few eggs, you can cool them down with very cold tap water, as 15 seconds will be enough to peel the product.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported how to separate the yolk from the white. This requires one ingredient that is available in every kitchen.

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