How to choose safe ice cream for children: tips from an expert

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Fruit ice cream
Fruit ice cream. Source: Pexels

The most delicious and popular summer treat is undoubtedly ice cream, which is loved by both adults and children. Just remember that the store-bought product is often of poor quality, with a lot of sugar and preservatives that can be dangerous, especially for children.

How to choose safe ice cream for children: tips from an expert

Anastasiia Holoborodko, a certified nutritionist and food therapist, explained on Instagram how to choose delicious and safe ice cream for children.

Tips from the expert

"The fewer additives, such as colors and flavors, as well as preservatives, the healthier the dessert," the expert said.

Homemade ice cream

How to choose the perfect ice cream

How to choose the right ice cream

"The ideal ice cream consists of whole milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla, and may contain berries and fruit. Natural ice cream should not contain vegetable fats – only dairy or high-quality, whole nuts," Anastasiia explained.

Delicious ice cream

Is sugar-free ice cream healthy?

"Sugar-free ice cream is not a healthy option because it contains sugar substitutes. 90% of them are sugar alcohols, which can lead to eating disorders, bloating, and flatulence because they affect the microbiome," the expert said.

Fruit ice cream without sugar

Is ice cream with additives harmful?

Ice cream with additives

"Ice cream with flavors and sprinkles has higher levels of sugar and significantly higher amounts of preservatives and stabilizers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA in the US) recently banned seven artificial flavors, including benzophenone, given their link to cancer in animal studies. Flavored colored ice cream often contains artificial food coloring, such as red №3 (erythrosine) and blue №2 (indigo carmine). Although approved by the FDA, some studies have linked these dyes to hyperactivity and behavioral problems in children," the expert said.

Homemade berry ice cream

The expert noted that there are 3 national standards for ice cream in Ukraine:

Milk ice cream

1. Milk ice cream

With a fat content of 0.5-7.5%, as well as cream ice cream (8.0-11.5%) and ice cream (12.0-20.0%). Based on milk, there are no vegetable fats in the composition: palm or coconut oil, margarine, cooking fats, etc.

Is the best choice

2. Ice cream with a combined composition

Ice cream with fillings

"Milk fats are replaced with vegetable or other milk fat substitutes, and this is legal. Such ice cream "gives itself away" by being watery and melting quickly. It usually has a poor composition," the nutritionist explained.

Ice cream with milk fat substitutes

3. Fruit and berry ice cream, frozen juice

Strawberry ice cream

A product made from sugar syrup, coloring, concentrate, and flavorings. It contains a lot of sugar.

Homemade fruit ice cream

In summer, it is best to make homemade ice cream from berries, fruit, and cream, as this is the only way to be sure of its safety!

Delicious homemade chocolate ice cream

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