Foods-enemies that absolutely should not be eaten together: it can be dangerous for the body

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Salad with pumpkin without mayonnaise
Pumpkin and avocado salad. Source: taste.com


Berries, vegetables, cereals, fruits, greens, dairy products, meat, seafood and fish are foods that must be in every person's diet to get vitamins and essential minerals. However, you need to know that there are combinations of foods that can be very harmful to the body, for example, fish and milk at the same time, as well as dairy products with fermented ones.

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The FoodOboz editorial team shares useful tips from experts on what foods should never be eaten together in order not to harm the body.

Gazpacho with tomatoes and cucumbers

Pasta and tomato sauce

Pasta is a starchy carbohydrate and tomato sauce is an acidic product, and since these two foods are digested at different rates, the stomach begins a fermentation process that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Pasta with tomato sauce

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Tomato and cucumber salad

These two vegetables, although very healthy, should not be eaten together, according to experts, because cucumbers are alkaline and tomatoes are acidic. When combined, these two foods lead to the formation of salts in the body.

Meat and legumes

Meat and beans

These two foods are proteins, but they are not the same, and they are vegetable and animal. Their combination can make digestion difficult.

Milk porridge and fresh juice

Rice porridge with milk

Juices are high in acid, which is responsible for digesting starches in grains. But the acid turns milk into curds, and then into a mucousy, viscous substance that is very difficult to digest.

Milk and bananas

Ripe bananas


A banana is pure fructose, which, when combined with protein, turns into a dangerous mixture for the stomach. Experts say that the combination of protein, fructose and starch is strictly prohibited to avoid harming the body.

Foods that cannot be combined with milk

Fruit after vegetables or cereals

Fruit contains sugar and digests very quickly, but cereals and vegetables take a long time. If you eat fruit immediately after a main meal of cereals and vegetables, the digestion process slows down significantly, leading to a heavy stomach.

Sweet Grapes

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