Zelenskyy confesses how the war with Russia changed him and Holoborodko from the Servant of the People

President Zelenskyy spoke about how his "alter ego" Holoborodko changed the war with Russia. Source: Servant of the people, Getty

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave an interview to representatives of the Central Asian media, during which journalists recalled his on-screen "alter ego." We are talking about the main character of the TV series Servant of the People, Vasyl Holoborodko, who went from school teacher to head of state.

Zelenskyy noted that the character and himself were changed not by big or small politics, but by war. "Values, the main ones that exist. Country, family, home, children. This is number one," the politician said.

The President added that sometimes the focus is on increasing turnover between countries, contracts, and the construction of communication routes. In fact, Zelenskyy said, the greatest value is life and love.

"The priorities have changed. I don't think the values have changed. And all those you mentioned, whether living or fictional characters, were united by these values," the Ukrainian continued. "I am sure that the most important thing is not to lose values. To remain human."

The politician adds that many familiar things have "disappeared", just like many of his family members: "For various reasons. I don't have time for some sentiments, probably. I don't have time for... I just don't have time. Not because someone is good and someone is bad."

"And I was elected by people. By and large, I have no ability to withstand or not withstand," Zelenskyy says, "and so I have to do it. And I do it with pleasure, with honor."

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