You can't throw it away: how short girls can choose the "right" maxi skirt. Photo

Combine with jackets and crop tops

There is a misconception that ladies of small stature cannot wear maxi skirts. Many believe that such a product will distort the proportions of the body and shorten the legs even more. But if you know a few secrets, you will love this feminine wardrobe item and learn how to combine it with other things.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you what to look for when shopping for a long skirt. By the way, asymmetrical models, boho style and tulle maxi are the most suitable options for petite ladies (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

What to consider when choosing a maxi?

1. Length. The skirt should be 1-1.5 cm higher than the floor with the shoes you want to wear it with. If you are going to the store, take with you exactly the sandals with which you will wear the new product. If you are ordering from an online store, take a look at the model's height and the shoes she is wearing in the photo. Alternatively, you can measure yourself with a centimetre from the waist (more precisely, from the place where the skirt belt will "sit") to the floor in the right sandals.

2. Print. Say no to horizontal stripes. It will make you look even shorter and more massive! Give preference to monochrome items or floral prints that are no bigger than your fist.

3. Fit. Look for skirts that sit at the waist. This will visually make your legs look longer. Styles with a vertical slit are perfect for sophisticated girls.

4. Size. Choose a skirt by size. If you like the product, but it is too big, you can take it to the atelier.


Which skirt to choose?

1. In boho style


2. Asymmetrical


3. Made of tulle


4. "Jersey skirt"


What to combine them with?

1. T-shirts and crop tops;

2. Cropped jackets and cardigans;

3 Blouses and shirts;

4. Crochet tops.

As OBOZREVATEL recently reported, a dress and sneakers are a win-win duo in 2023. Denim sundresses, long tight-fitting models and loose, shirt-like ones are best combined with sports shoes. Read more in our article.

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