Writer and public figure Dmytro Kapranov died

Dmytro Kapranov has died. Source: Facebook of the Kapranov brothers

Dmytro Kapranov, a writer, publisher, publicist, blogger, and public figure, died suddenly at the age of 56. Details are not yet disclosed, as well as the place of the funeral, but our editorial office has learned that the cultural figure had heart problems.

The tragic news was reported on the Kapranov brothers' Facebook page. Fans of the twins' work and their friends reacted to it.

"Dmytro died suddenly this morning. I will write tomorrow about the time and place of the funeral. Everything else is canceled, sorry," the post reads.

Writer and public figure Dmytro Kapranov died

The Kapranov brothers were born on July 24, 1967 in Dubasari, now Moldova. Apparently, the post was written by Vitaliy.

A close friend and colleague of the writer, Sashko Lirnyk, told OBOZ.UA that he had seen his friend a few days ago.

"Dmytro had heart problems, he was sick. We were all worried, but the doctors said everything was fine. And then he felt bad in the morning – and that was it," said our source.

Since the first day of the full-scale war on February 24, the Kapranov brothers have been fighting the occupiers with arms in Kyiv with the Azov regiment. The twins, Dmytro and Vitaliy, said that Kyiv would stand and there would be no compromises with Russia.

Writer and public figure Dmytro Kapranov died

Dmytro Kapranov, together with his brother, hosted the channel "In the Name of Taras Shevchenko", where they talked about the history of Ukraine in an interesting and truthful way. The last video was released two days ago and was dedicated to the "Dry Law". In addition, they were active in literary activities together.

Writer and public figure Dmytro Kapranov died

Hundreds of talented Ukrainians left comments on the post on Facebook. They emphasized that this was a great loss for the country and wished the family the strength to overcome their grief.

Three years ago, the Kapranov brothers gave a tour of their house, where they lived with their 4 children and wives. At the time, they said that they called all the kids "our children" and even shared a car.

Writer and public figure Dmytro Kapranov died

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