With the homeless, in the garage, and more: 5 stars who, early in their careers, lived wherever they could

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Stars who have walked the thorny path to fame.

A career in the world of entertainment does not always begin with red carpets and luxury hotels. For many personalities from the world of film, music, and television, the road to fame was difficult, and their dream of becoming popular began with sleeping around.

We tell you about the stars who, despite their humble beginnings, managed to reach great heights and become role models. Read more in the material OBOZREVATEL.

1. Jennifer Lopez

American actress, singer, dancer, producer and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez, as a child, was determined to take up dancing. After graduating high school, she had a fight with her parents because they did not support her choice: "You know? I didn't want to go to college. I wanted to do full-time dance, and my mom insisted that I should get an education. So, I left home."

J.Lo, 18, was homeless for months and slept on the couch at the dance studio. A year later, she moved to Los Angeles and began building a successful career.


2. Daniel Craig.

This is an English actor who became world famous for his role as James Bond. At the beginning of his career, Daniel Craig barely had enough money to buy food and budget clothes. He rarely received offers to shoot movies. Had to spend the night at friends, and sometimes even in shelters for the homeless and on benches in London parks. This did not break the future star, but gave him the strength to make his dream a reality.


3. Halle Berry

American film actress Halle Berry moved to New York at the age of 20. At that time she had nowhere to sleep, and there was not enough money for rental housing. She was forced to live in shelters for the homeless. But Holly didn't give up. She went to castings again and again to get what she wanted. As we can see, she succeeded.


4. Jean-Claude Van Damme

American and Belgian actor, screenwriter and film director Jean-Claude Van Damme moved to Los Angeles when he was young. He could not get a job as quickly as he would have liked. So, the future star had to sleep in the garages of local residents in exchange for help cleaning. Every morning, Jean-Claude would dust, sweep, and wash the floor and dishes before going to the castings.


5. Jim Carrey

Canadian-American actor, comedian and artist Jim Carrey began his career at age 11. He performed in comedy clubs in Canada. At the time he had no permanent place to stay and had to sleep in his old car and in low class hotels. Thanks to his talent and perseverance, Kerry overcame difficulties and became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.


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