Why you can't hang a kitchen towel from an oven handle: you had no idea

The towel can hardly be called the cleanest element of kitchen textiles

Barely every kitchen sees a dish and surface towel hanging from the handle of the oven. This is actually quite a big mistake. Despite the fact that this is a fairly convenient place to place the towel.

As Sante Plus writes, it's an unhygienic way to store a towel. During a day of use it comes into contact with a lot of dirt, water and collects a lot of bacteria. And not all of them are safe enough - even pathogenic ones can occur. These bacteria end up on the handle and door of the oven and can get inside the oven and end up in the food.

You may also touch the areas that have come into contact with the dirty towel with your hands while working in the kitchen. That's why it doesn't belong on the oven handle. It's also a bad idea to place it on the refrigerator door.

So where, in that case, can you store a kitchen towel? Kitchen hygiene experts advise placing it on a separate hook away from the food and not directly near the sink.

If you're unsure about the cleanliness of your towel, you can quickly sanitize it. To do this, simply put the item in the microwave oven. Due to the high temperature, it destroys all unwanted microorganisms. Simply put all the towels that need cleaning in a bag suitable for use in the oven and add to it a sufficient amount of a solution of white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:2. Do not close the bag tightly. Place it in the oven for 2 minutes on high power.

Kitchen towels should also be washed separately. For example, you can soak them in a basin with your regular laundry detergent before putting them in a general wash.

New kitchen towels are best soaked in cold water for a few hours first so that they are no longer stiff, and then they can be washed in the machine on the normal 30-degree setting. Then just let the towel dry and it will be soft enough and comfortable enough for future use.

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