"Why should I make excuses?": Kyiv native Klara Novikova, who gave a concert in Moscow against the background of the Ukrainian flag, recalled the Motherland

Klara Novikova remembers Ukraine

The famous Russian comedian Klara Novikova, who was born and raised in Kyiv, as well as graduated from the university there and worked in many Ukrainian cities, recently had a solo recital in Moscow, during which she once again got nostalgic for the Ukrainian past. The star recalled, in particular, her first husband, whom she met while working at the Philharmonic in Kropyvnytskyi (former Kirovohrad). Together they were on tour in Lviv, where, as it turned out, her brother served.

Memories of the homeland, as can be seen, have recently been a leading theme in the artist's monologues. However, surprisingly, the propaganda media react to this calmly and actively quote the former Kyiv resident's speeches.

Thus, Novikova said, "Novikova is not my last name. It is the name of my first husband. He has been gone for a long time. But I still bear his surname. I was still working at the Kirovohrad Philharmonic back then. A young man, Viktor Novikov, who was a drummer, was courting me. And the city of Lviv was on the tour schedule."

Then Viktor fell in love with the artist and began to court her, regularly visiting her hotel room, where he would stay until the night. According to the rules, this was forbidden, so the maid began to keep an eye on the young people to make sure there were no violations.

One day, Viktor visited his passion at seven in the morning, and suddenly there was a knock at the door. The comedian was afraid that it was the hotel administration, so she made the gentleman hide on the balcony, even though he was without outerwear and it was February. However, it was not a strict maid who entered the room but the star's brother, a soldier who served in Lviv.

''Why should I make excuses?'': Kyiv native Klara Novikova, who gave a concert in Moscow against the background of the Ukrainian flag, recalled the Motherland

The story ended with the artist and her suitor getting married.

"My Jewish parents could not stand this disgrace. So I had to marry this Viktor Novikov and bring him to meet my father. I got married so that my father wouldn't be ashamed that I was spending nights with some guy from Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk)," the comedienne concluded her story.

According to Novikova, she had many friends in her homeland, where she decided to keep silent about the terrorist war. Moreover, the artist assures that she still keeps in touch with some of her Ukrainian comrades.

"I have friends from Ukraine to this day, although it is sometimes difficult. I'm not going anywhere because this is where my everything is. I have lived here for many years. Why should I make excuses? I don't want to do that," Novikova said.

As you know, the artist disappeared from the information space because she refused to participate in television shows because of provocative questions on political topics. Now Novikova has returned to the stage, but she still ignores the topic of Russian aggression and the genocide of her own people. According to the Kyivan, on February 24, 2022, she received many messages from close friends living in Ukraine.

"My friend wrote that they were shooting at them. She has children and grandchildren. People I've known all my life and have been friends with for many years are writing to me from different cities of Ukraine today, and they are all very afraid. It's a nightmare!" Novikova said more than two years ago.

As a reminder, in November 2023, Novikova gave her first solo concert in Moscow after a long absence. A scandal ensued almost immediately. In her monologue, the comedian recalled her childhood in Kyiv, and therefore often switched to Ukrainian. However, the greatest resonance was caused by the moment when an image of a blue and yellow flag appeared on a huge screen behind the artist.

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