Who is this woman? 86-year-old actress who played Rachel's mom in Friends has changed beyond recognition. Photos before and after alleged plastic surgery

How actress Marlo Thomas has changed after plastic surgery

American actress Marlo Thomas, winner of the Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy awards, surprised her fans with her appearance. In the latest photos, the 86-year-old star of the TV series That Girl and Rachel's mom from Friends is hardly recognizable.

This look made fans suspect that the actress had plastic surgery. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Marlo's career began in the 1960s

Marlo Thomas's career took off with a bang when she started appearing in television programs in the 1960s. The actress finally gained fame after she landed the lead role in the ABC series That Girl, which ran from 1966 to 1971.

The actress played the lead role in the show That Girl

Thomas also produced 136 episodes of the show on her own, after which she decided to leave the cast. The TV company wanted to make a good ending by showing the wedding of the two main characters.

In 1971, the star left the series

However, Marlo rejected the idea, saying that it would send the wrong message to the female audience. She argued that ending the show in this way would imply that the only happy ending was marriage.

Marlo played the role of Rachel Green's mother in the Friends sitcom

Throughout her career, Thomas has starred in many TV shows, films and Broadway productions, including playing Rachel's mother in the cult series Friends. Over the years, the 86-year-old actress has amassed a large fan base and often shares photos on Instagram with her 134,000 followers.

The celebrity in 2007

However, Marlo's recent posts have caused fans to speculate about possible surgical interventions.

One user wrote, "What happened to her?".

Now it's hard to recognize the actress

"Why did she do it? She was such a beautiful woman," another commented.

Fans suspect that the star had plastic surgery

Someone added, "How sad it is to be in an industry that forces you to make yourself unrecognizable."

There are many outrageous comments on her social media

The celebrity's followers agreed that she looks completely different, "I will never understand why people do this to themselves. It's terrible. And doctors should be ashamed of themselves."

Marlo herself did not comment on the rumors

Despite the fact that fans are discussing plastic surgery that Thomas could potentially have had, the star herself has never commented on the rumors. People speculate that the actress could have had a nose job, face lifting, and other types of Botox.

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