Where has Anton Kopytin, the winner of "Holos Krainy" vocal show, disappeared and why did he criticize Ukraine

Where is Anton Kopytin, winner of the fifth season of "Holos Krainy" missing

In 2015, Anton Kopytin from Donetsk won the fifth season of Ukraine's most vocal show, "Holos Krainy". His star mentor on the project was the famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, who in the final, on the eve of the announcement of the voting results, gave her mentee an apartment in Kiev. Immediately after the end of the show the triumphant didn't leave the screens. He was invited to participate in various programs, interviewed, but in the meantime he was actively recording new songs, toured Ukraine and even America.

However, now little is heard about the winner of the fifth season. Alas, he did not manage to become famous. However, Anton did not quit music and often appeared on 1+1 as a singer in other projects. OBOZREVATEL decided to remember the artist's road to victory and tell you about his fate.

The story of Anton and his family conquered the whole Ukraine. The man with his pregnant wife and two children left their native Donetsk after Russia unleashed a war in the east. They stayed in Kiev, where they had to literally start their lives from scratch.


Anton, then 28 years old, took any job he could get to support his family, which was about to have many children. He was a janitor, electrician, and plumber. But everything changed when he saw a casting call for "Holos Krainy 5".

At the blind auditions, the participant captivated the judges with a powerful vocal, turning the chairs of Tina Karol and Alexander Ponomarev. Kopytin decided to go to the team to Tina and under her patronage successfully overcame all stages of the competition, reaching the finals.


After the end of the project, Anton repeatedly said how grateful he was to Karol for her support and professional mentoring. She helped the performer break into show business, gave advice on writing and releasing her own songs.



But perhaps the most unexpected gift from Tina was an apartment. The singer gave the keys to the apartment, which she had purchased especially for the Kopytin family, live on air at the season five finale. This action made the whole audience cry. And Anton himself, not holding back tears, fell to his knees in front of the star.


A displaced family with three children did not live in the best of conditions, because leaving everything in occupied Donetsk to make a fresh start is a difficult and thorny path. Karol said that when she came to visit her ward, it was painful to look at the three children Anton had to squeeze into a rented room. So the singer decided to give the Kopytins their own apartment in a new building in Kyiv. To this day, this episode of the show is circulated on social networks as one of the most touching moments on Ukrainian television.

Immediately after the show, at the invitation of the American charity organization Ukrainе Relief, together with other Ukrainian performers, Anton went on a charity tour of cities in the USA. After that he visited America three more times with concerts.


Together with Arsen Mirzoyan and Arkady Voytyuk, the musician became a member of the Notre Dame de Paris project, in which he performed songs from the world famous musical. Kopytin was also a vocalist on the show Dancing with the Stars. He worked there until 2022.


Kopytin repeatedly performed with the National Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He toured almost the entire country.


Anton maintained all of his social networks in Ukrainian since 2014. He did a lot to help migrants and the Ukrainian military, urging his compatriots to do the same. There is definitely no reason to doubt the vocalist's patriotism, although there were cases when he criticized Ukraine, or more specifically its government. He complained about corruption and other problems which he faced personally.


For example, in an interview with OBOZREVATEL in 2015, Kopytin said, "I have been in Kyiv with my family for over a year now, and unfortunately, we have not seen a single positive shift during this time... New laws are being introduced that make it more and more difficult for migrants to receive child benefits. Everything is done so that people who are already in a difficult situation and sometimes do not even have the means to travel, get this money as late as possible. Among my friends are a huge number of displaced people and they all face delays in pensions, social payments, etc. When I hear the news that the European Union has allocated billions of euros to help the displaced, it makes me laugh. In fact they do not reach the final recipient, the people to whom they were directly allocated.

It is now unknown where the musician has disappeared to. The last post on his Instagram was posted on February 28, 2022. The singer did not appear on the network anymore.


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