"When the world welcomed the year 2023 with fireworks, Ukrainians were hiding": The Hardkiss gave Ukrainians the chills with a song about life without war

The Hardkiss presented a new track

Ukrainian band The Hardkiss dedicated a new English-language song to the life of Ukrainians without war, when people were not afraid of explosions and fireworks, celebrated and enjoyed life. The track was eloquently titled Festival and and gave the listeners goosebumps.

In a few hours it was listened to by more than 15 thousand users, who expressed their enthusiastic emotions in comments. You can find them below the band's YouTube video (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

"This song is about a miracle. About magical heavenly forces turning explosions into fireworks, bullets into rain, and pain into songs. We all want to live in a world without war, without aggressors and occupiers. And to experience this world as a big positive festival. But, unfortunately, these are just dreams, very far from reality," - told the frontwoman of the band Yulia Sanina.


With this new single the musicians want to tell the world once again about the criminal war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine and remind Ukrainians of the carefree spirit of holidays and festivals that took place in Kiev and other cities.

"While the world was welcoming the new year 2023 with fireworks, Ukrainians were hiding in bomb shelters because of the massive shelling. We remember a time when fireworks, special effects and pyrotechnics reminded no one of explosions. In the video for the Festival song, we showed Kiev during the war. My hometown that goes on living in spite of everything. To live and wait for the most important holiday - the victory", - added the singer.


In the video the star walked the streets of the Ukrainian capital, its yards and bridges. Such a powerful message resonated in the hearts of listeners.

"The song gave me goosebumps. Each note is a separate goosebumps on the body", "Goosebumps and tears. Beautiful Yulia, incredible voice, native Kyiv", "Very atmospheric, strong and super powerful", "We know there will be more fireworks, festivals and joy", - said in the reviews.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Yulia Sanina became one of the presenters of the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. What is known about her colleagues - read in our material.

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