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What to wear with an embroidered shirt to look stylish

On the third Thursday of May, people all over the world, but primarily Ukrainians, put on their embroidered shirts. In 2023, we celebrate a beautiful holiday - Vyshyvanka Day - on May 18. After the Soviet-imposed sharovar style, many people did not associate an embroidered shirt with something truly stylish and trendy. Today, however, things are fortunately changing. More and more domestic brands are presenting us with fashionable variations of embroidered shirts, introducing them into modern culture, but at the same time preserving the traditions of our ancestors.

Today, Ukrainian national clothes with their ethnic symbols are definitely stylish. The OBOZREVATEL article will tell you what to wear with it in everyday life to create spectacular outfits.

Embroidered shirt with jeans


Perhaps, an embroidered shirt in combination with jeans is a real "timeless classic". The styling of an embroidered shirt with denim looks definitely modern and simple in a good way, that is, without excessive playfulness or hyperbole. Take a closer look at light-coloured jeans: white, milky, beige. Also give preference to loose styles. Wear trendy Cossacks or sneakers on your feet.


Let's not leave men out of this. They also look stylish in an embroidered shirt when combined with light (and not only) jeans.


Embroidered shirt with a skirt


Embroidered shirts look so beautiful with a midi or maxi skirt. Experiment with styles, materials and colours. It can be a long light-coloured denim skirt, or even a leather pencil skirt. Adding heels to the look will immediately make it look formal, but sneakers, low-soled sandals and even flip-flops will look more casual but no less fashionable.


Embroidered shirt with a jacket


In cool weather, an embroidered shirt may not be able to cope with the warming function on its own, but this is not a problem at all if you have a classic oversized jacket in your wardrobe. It looks especially stylish with embroidered dresses. Avoid fitted silhouettes and wear a masculine cut jacket instead. Bright colours are likely to be inappropriate, so choose black, chocolate, navy, dark grey or white shades.

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