What to treat the whole apartment to get rid of dust: a tiphack

You only need water and hair conditioner to make the spray.

The need to regularly wipe off dust, only to have it come back to the surface again and again in the house, is terribly demotivating. That is why we all dream of a remedy that would get rid of this problem forever. It is unlikely that this is really possible, but there is a remedy that will greatly facilitate the fight against dust.

OBOZREVATEL tells you what you can treat the house to significantly reduce the effort to combat house dust. The appropriate solution can be prepared with your own hands and then enjoy its effect.

To make a miracle product, you need to take a glass of boiled water and a capful of hair conditioner. The conditioner should be completely mixed with water, then the mixture can be poured into a bottle with an atomizer and used.

Apply the spray to the surface you want to clean and polish it well with a lint-free cloth. It will leave a nice shine and slow down the re-settling of dust.

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