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Swimsuit that will hide the belly and sides

Every beauty wants to feel confident and liberated to the end on the beach or while relaxing by the pool. However, because of the need to expose some parts of the body, in particular the abdomen, sides and hips, not everyone manages it. Choosing the right swimsuit will help to hide problem areas, emphasize the advantages of the figure and elongate the silhouette. And, of course, will give confidence.

First of all, pay attention to the top of the beach look. The chest should be raised and fixed. Otherwise, you can visually add some extra pounds and give your figure a balloon shape. We will tell you about five models that will help sumptuous ladies look luxurious on the beach in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

High trunks


Of course, to hide extra centimeters in the belly area will help swimwear with a high fit. It is extremely important to choose a swimsuit of thick quality material, which will hold shape. There are models with a snugging effect.

Contrasting inserts


Here we are talking about different variations of inserts. It can be a mesh on the sides or in the waist area, which will help to put the right accents in the silhouette. Also, look at the side necklines and lacing - they will visually make the figure thinner. One of the most advantageous options would be the color inserts. When the sides contrast with the main color of the swimsuit, it creates the illusion of shrinking the figure. White, beige, multicolored inserts can be combined with a black swimsuit, and dark - with a bright tone and various prints.



Flounces, as well as ruffles on top of the swimsuit will distract from the "imperfect" belly and visually make it smaller. Beauties with large breasts are recommended to choose small ruffles around the neckline, and if you, on the contrary, want to give more volume to your bust, then look at the wide flounces. They can be not only in the area of the chest, but also, for example, to cover the arms.



Adding such a "skirt" to the swim trunks will hide extra centimeters in the belly area. In addition, will add to the beach image appropriate playful and coquettish mood. Such model will make a beautiful accent on the waist, emphasizing the thinnest area of the silhouette.



This swimsuit model consists of swim trunks and top, which just covers all the problem areas. Choose A-shaped, fitted under the chest, elongated style.

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