Were they not given true love? How was the fate of foster children Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, and where they are now. Photo

The children, like the father, are into Scientology

For Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the movie "Days of Thunder" became fatal, as it was he who tied the artists in marriage. In 1990, the lovers were married. Kidman was 22 years old and the charming Cruz - 28. All married life the couple were under the scrutiny of reporters and photographers. There were rumors about Tom's unconventional orientation and the reluctance of the spouses to have children. It was gossip that led to the couple's decision to become adoptive parents.

In 1992, their family had a girl, Isabella, and in 1995, a boy, Connor. The stars went on to build successful careers and raise little ones. But why do fans of the selebrity claim that the adopted son and daughter were unhappy and did not receive true love? OBOZREVATEL will tell you about it below (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page) .

After 11 years of marriage, the celebrities announced their separation. Two days later, Cruz stunned the public - he is filing for divorce. One of the reasons was considered adultery of a man with Penelope Cruz, another - that Nicole did not share the views of her husband, who was a member of the Scientology sect. Adopted children by type of temperament are quite different, and therefore their attitude to the divorce of their parents was different.


After the divorce, Bella and Connor remained with their father. As they themselves described him, Cruz was only a protector to them, but not a man who would be interested in the feelings and experiences of his heirs. The absence of their mother around affected their mental health and perception of life.

Isabella Cruz

Bella was born in 1992 and was adopted shortly after birth. After her parents separated, she, like her father, became a follower of the Church of Scientology, which Kidman disapproved of. The 30-year-old leads a non-public lifestyle. She lives in London with her husband Max Parker and works as an artist. She also has an online store, where she sells bags, T-shirts and a variety of accessories with her drawings. In 2015, Isabella got married, but did not invite her father or mother to the wedding.


Connor Cruz

Connor was born in 1995 and adopted a few months later. As a child, he developed a passion for acting and even starred in such films as Seven Lives and The Elusive. It was rumored that after her divorce from Tom, Nicole stopped communicating with her son altogether. By the way, he is also into Scientology. The guy recently married Italian Silvia Zanci, who is the leader of the Italian branch and has the tacit status of the "princess of Scientology". The adoptive mother was not present at Connor's wedding. The couple now resides in Miami.


As the tabloids write, after numerous fights Kidman did realize, her children are mature and independent enough to make their own decisions. "They're adults. They're capable of making their own decisions. They made the choice to become Scientologists, and my job as a mother is to love them," Nicole said in an interview.

Tom Cruise does not advertise his relationship with his children, but he tries to see his son more often.

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