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For every country where monarchs rule, the coronation is a great celebration. The whole world watches with delight the exquisite traditions of the ceremony and the attire in which the royal person goes out in public. As a rule, these are dresses of expensive fabrics, corsets, and lace, decorated with precious stones. It is difficult to breathe and move in such clothes, but the rulers of the kingdom have to make these sacrifices for the spectacle and to show their status.

What kind of dresses did the monarchs wear when they ascended the throne and who created their outfits? Read the material of OBOZREVATEL.

1. Elisabeth of Bavaria (Sissi).

This is the Empress of Austria and Queen Consort of Hungary. She and her husband Franz Joseph I were crowned on May 8, 1867. Elisabeth of Bavaria was then wearing a dress that was made to order by the French fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth, founder of the House of Worth fashion house. This gown was made of velvet fabric, which was embellished with pearls, bouffant sleeves, and satin bows. The skirt with a long train was decorated with fine lace.


2. Mary of Teck.

In 1911, the coronation ceremony was held for Mary of Teck, Queen Consort of Great Britain, and King-Emperor George V. Her Majesty ascended the throne wearing a dress from the London fashion house Reville and Rossiter. The fashion designers used cream-colored silk satin for the gown. The edges of the hem imitated the shape of sea waves, and the entire skirt was embroidered with gold threads.


3. Elizabeth II.

The Queen of the United Kingdom and the 14 Commonwealth nations ruled for 70 years and 7 months, the longest reign of any British monarch (from 1952 to 2022). Her Majesty was crowned in 1953. Elizabeth II was at the ceremony wearing a dress by fashion designer Norman Hartnell, who had previously created her wedding dress. The couturier offered a choice of nine sketches. Of these, the monarch chose an elegant fitted dress embroidered with pink diamonds, opals, mother-of-pearl, and pearls, and with a puffed skirt of silk satin.


4. Sonja (Queen Consort of Norway)

The wife of King Harald V was the shopgirl, Sonja. In 1991 she wore a straight, milky-colored outfit with gold embroidery by Balmain fashion designer Eric Monthersen while receiving her new status, Queen Consort. Instead of a tiara, Her Majesty wore a headdress by the design house May Aubert.


5. Rania al-Abdallah

The Queen Consort of Jordan, Rania, chose an Elie Saab gown for her coronation in 1999. The Lebanese designer Elie Saab sewed a silk and lace dress for the occasion, which was embroidered with beads and sequins in the form of floral patterns. Her Majesty completed the image with massive earrings and a precious tiara.


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