"We are planning to do it right now, during the war": Nino Katamadze wants to move with her family from Georgia to Ukraine

The famous Georgian singer Nino Katamadze, who has been actively supporting Ukraine since the start of the full-scale war, is thinking about moving to Kyiv. The artist wants to live in our country with her family and do it right now, during a full-scale war.

Katamadze is not afraid of the danger that the Russian occupiers daily expose Ukrainians to. The star talked about her intentions in an interview with ZhVL.

As you know, the vast majority of Georgians support Ukraine, because part of the territory of Georgia is still occupied by Russia. However, the authorities there are pro-Putin, so media people who openly condemn the aggression of Russia risk a lot when expressing their position. Katamadze is known to have opened her own charitable foundation for Ukrainian refugees in Georgia, she cooperates with Ukrainian organizations and has spoken in Kyiv more than once during the full-scale war.

"My family thinks it would be good to live in Ukraine. We're planning to move right now, during the war," the performer admitted.


The singer is loved and always warmly welcomed in Ukraine, so her decision to move does not seem anything very strange. Katamadze stresses that she is not afraid of Kyiv, and the military concerts in the subway at Maidan Nezalezhnosti were the most unforgettable in her life.

"There was no such thing that I or my wonderful musicians were afraid to go to Ukraine. When I told my band that we were going to Kyiv for a concert, they said that we were ready to play where it was impossible. So I'm not going to Ukraine, I'm literally flying and running. We gave a concert in the subway and I can safely say it was the most unforgettable concert of my life. We purposely created that sound with the quartet so that we could express our support through music. There were moments when the subway train was slowed down so it wouldn't interfere with the singing. I still remember the eyes of the concert guests, it's impossible to forget, their tears and the whole story - it's something incredible, "- shared the artist.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Nino Katamadze admitted that she also plans to visit Crimea. The singer has not been there for about 10 years, because she deliberately refused to go there after the occupation. Now the artist believes that she will be able to rest on the peninsula as soon as the Ukrainian armed forces liberate it.

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