Violet and ficus bring grief: which plants should not be kept at home

Fern and cyperus are accused of all sorts of sins

Potted plants are not only a luxurious decoration for your home, but also a source of endless superstitions. For some reason, people still like to scare themselves with the negative consequences of having a small flowerpot in the corner of the room. But what plants bring bad luck to the house? According to these signs, almost all of them are popular. Believe them or not - it's up to you.

Meanwhile, OBOZREVATEL has collected the most common superstitions. And tells you what scares the owners of certain plants. And how you can respond to this.


This small and very beautiful flower is credited with the power to make women lonely. And some people are even scared of it because it causes infertility. But in the Eastern tradition, Saintpaulia is a symbol of family harmony and well-being.


For some reason, in our area, it is customary to consider monstera a vampire plant that sucks up all positive energy. This is despite the fact that in China it is a talisman of longevity.


Some types of ivy are poisonous and cause severe skin irritation, which is probably why it is credited with the ability to absorb any energy - first negative and then positive. However, in the Middle Ages in Europe, ivy was called a symbol of fidelity and a good luck charm for lonely people looking for a mate.


Ancient Slavs used to look for a flower of this plant on the night of Ivan Kupala to get wealth and good luck. Perhaps that is why they began to plant it at home - so as not to go far. But soon the fern was attributed with the ability to attract bad luck. However, according to another version, it helps to resolve conflicts in the family.

Hibiscus, in particular, such species as the Chinese and Sudanese rose

Hibiscus is considered to be very sensitive to the energy of the house. If the plant begins to wither, it portends illness in the family. At the same time, it is considered a great companion for creative people, giving them inspiration and dispelling bad moods.


After the Second World War, the ficus suddenly gained fame as a widow's plant. Someone decided that men had not returned from the front to the houses where such a flowerpot stood. In China, ficus is credited with the ability to strengthen the family, and the people of Thailand believe that it drives away evil spirits.


Another plant with the glory of a vampire on our list. It is believed that it is especially ruthless towards cynical, envious and evil people. According to another version, the presence of cyperus in the house improves health (by the way, the plant does have certain bactericidal properties) and promotes harmonious relationships.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about plants that can ruin your interior and ways to avoid this if you already have one of these flowerpots.

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