Victor Pavlik's young son has speech problems: The doctor diagnosed him

The wife of Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik Ekaterina Repyakhova shared with her followers her worries about the delayed speech of their son Mikhail, who is to turn 2 in June. The performer's girlfriend suspected that the baby has a problem with his hearing, so she took him to the doctor.

The expert determined that the child had no diseases that would prevent him from hearing clearly, but the young mother still found a preliminary diagnosis. She shared this on her Instagram stories (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Last year, Mikhail was examined by a doctor, who informed the parents that the baby has a lot of wax, so he often clings to his ears. However, the doctor did not see anything serious during the examination. Already in 2023, Ekaterina Repyakhova noticed that her son was in no hurry to talk and did not react when he was approached.


Examination by Lor ruled out that the problem could have been wax plugs or dangerous adenoids. The parents were advised to have an additional evaluation by an audiologist who diagnoses and corrects hearing loss.


Little Michael's diagnosis is a specific language articulation disorder. It is a speech disorder during a child's developmental period in which his mastery of the pronunciation of sounds is lower than expected.


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