Unlike Kamenskykh: alyona alyona explains why she does not sing in Russian abroad, comparing the country to garbage

alyona alyona delivered a powerful speech at the concert. Source: Instagram/alyona.alyona.official

At the concert, Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona, the representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, explained why she sings in her native language even abroad rather than adapt to Russian-speaking listeners. She then performed an eloquent track in which she compared Russia to the garbage she "took out of the house."

The music event took place in Kyiv, and Jerry Heil joined the rapper. The videos appeared online during the concert. According to Muzvar, the rapper emphasized the importance of studying Ukrainian culture and called for forgetting about minority status.

"And then she also said that when at foreign concerts, she and Jerry Heil explain the meaning of the songs to everyone who does not understand Ukrainian and thus introduce them to our culture. It seems that it was a hidden criticism of NK (Nastya Kamenskykh - ed.)," the portal's authors suggested.

Unlike Kamenskykh: alyona alyona explains why she does not sing in Russian abroad, comparing the country to garbage

In the footage, alyona alyona can be heard singing the lines, "I will throw out the garbage from the house, then I will throw out Russia from my life. I will silently erase from my memory everyone who is silent now but used to be a friend." The song is called "Vykynu 2" (I Will Throw it Out 2) and appeared on streaming services a year ago.

Recently, singer Nastya Kamenskykh said that she would continue to perform her Russian-language songs abroad to please fans who support Ukraine but do not understand Ukrainian. This statement disappointed some of the star's fans. They recalled how the singer had previously vowed not to sing in Russian anymore.

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