Ukrainian soldier who lost both legs on the frontline performed in a theatre in California: everyone sang the Ukrainian national anthem at the end. Photo

Oleksandr Budko ''Teren'' danced together with ballet dancers

Oleksandr Budko, 26, from Rivne, who worked as a barista in Kyiv but went to the front after the full-scale invasion and lost both legs, performed in a theatre in California. It is known that the hero travelled to the United States for prosthetics after treatment in Ukraine.

The soldier with the call sign "Teren" appeared on stage at the end of the last production of Giselle at the California Theatre. Photos and some details of the event were shared on his Instagram by Alexei Ratmansky, a Russian, Ukrainian, Danish and American ballet dancer and choreographer who has lived in the United States for many years and actively condemns Russian aggression.

Oleksandr Budko "Teren" lost his legs while defending his native land from Russian invaders. The soldier danced a dance with the ballet dancers, and in the end he was lifted up in his arms.


After that, all the actors, holding large blue and yellow flags, sang the Ukrainian national anthem.


Three thousand spectators watched the performance. They all greeted the hero of Ukraine on the stage with loud applause and, in some cases, tears.


"It was hard to hold back the tears. Then we all sang the national anthem. The money from the ticket sales will go to humanitarian aid for Ukraine," Ratmansky said.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that before the full-scale invasion, Oleksandr Budko worked as a barista in Kyiv and dreamed of becoming a graphic designer. But on 24 February 2022, all plans changed dramatically - the Ukrainian went to the front. Read about how he lost both his legs, how he coped with the pain and what he dreams of now in our article.

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