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Every season famous designers and brands release new collections, offering us fresh and original models of shoes. However, among the great variety sometimes appear so-called "anti-trends" - things that differ from generally accepted fashion trends and cause controversy among stylists.

In this article by OBOZREVATEL, we tell you about sports shoes that have long been out of fashion. Check if your favorite pair is among them, and plan your shopping wisely - summer is coming.

Ugly sneakers.

These are models with solid soles. Despite their insane popularity, we still advise you to give up this style. These sneakers visually make the foot huge, then distort the proportions of the body. Choose shoes made of natural materials, good cushioning, and a small rise. This is not only beautiful but also good for foot health.


On a wedge heel.

These sneakers have never been in the category of "fashionable shoes." Stylists have always criticized them. Yes, the wedge heel visually makes your legs longer and your figure slimmer. However, with this shoe, you spoil any image. They can be replaced by versatile and comfortable loafers.


On the platform.

A few years ago high platform sneakers were in the collections of all lovers of casual. But now everything has changed. Such shoes became a mauvais ton. A universal option would be the classic white sneakers, and for the accent images, you can pick up models in the style of basketball players. Be guided by trendy shoes from the 90s - and just do not miss them.



Not only sneaker models are going out of fashion, but also colors. This year, shoes in bright neon colors will be irrelevant. This is despite the fact that a year ago they were at the peak of popularity. A great alternative - is sneakers in beige, white, black, or nude shades.


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