Throw out of the wardrobe! These things should not be worn by women with an apple figure: they will emphasise all the flaws. Photo

What things should not be worn by women with an apple shape

The famous British stylist Miranda Holder, who works with many celebrities and royalty, including Kate Middleton and Camilla, gave valuable advice to beauties with an apple shape. This is a body type in which the chest, waist, and hips are practically the same in volume. It is not easy for ladies with this silhouette to choose outfits, so Holder decided to help them.

In particular, the expert named the things that women with an apple shape should urgently throw out of their wardrobe. She also suggested alternatives that would be more appropriate. Miranda shared the relevant recommendations on her TikTok.

As you know, the classic fashion rule is as follows: "Hide the flaws and draw attention to the advantages". Speaking of the apple body type, such girls often have a voluminous top and slender legs. That is, following the logic of the above rule, ladies should show off their legs and disguise their chest, waist and stomach in every way possible.

However, the stylist warns: "Showing off your legs can inadvertently distort your proportions."

For example, apple girls mistakenly wear tight jeans, leggings or a miniskirt, and in an attempt to hide the unwanted volume, add even more volume on top - baggy pullovers, loose blouses, oversized hoodies, etc. As a result, the upper half of the body looks too large, and in some cases, sloppy, as if it were a mess.


"To keep your figure proportionate, go against your instincts. I know it sounds illogical, but with an apple shape, it's better to wear straight jeans and wide trousers - this will create a more balanced silhouette," the expert commented.

But for girls who still can't resist tight skirts and trousers, Miranda advises wearing the same tight top. This will help to harmonise the look.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote what swimsuits curvy beauties should choose for the summer. The models mentioned in the article will help to hide problem areas, emphasise the dignity of the figure and elongate the silhouette. And, of course, they will give you confidence.

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