This will instantly make you slimmer: fashion life hacks used by the stars

Simple but effective tricks to help you be more graceful

You can look slimmer with the right style techniques. On the eve of the New Year's holidays, we all want to be fit and surprise others with our image. It's harder to stay slim after the parties, but if you follow the tips below, no one will even notice that the New Year's table was delicious.

OBOZREVATEL has put together a selection of life hacks that will help you shine at any event.

How to look more elegant?

1. Choose corrective underwear. It will smooth out bulges and bumps. Such products are "secret agents" and indispensable items in every girl's wardrobe. Alternatively, you can wear a bodysuit;


2. If you want to draw attention away from the lower body, for example, wear chunky jewellery and use bright lipstick. However, it is worth remembering the rule: complement a large necklace with small earrings and vice versa.


3 Avoid heavy fabrics and large patterns. These will add bulk and can distort even the most perfect figure. Medium-density fabrics will help you look slimmer. If you wear clothes made of dense material, limit yourself to only one element in your outfit;


4. Keep it in harmony. If you're wearing flared trousers or a high-waisted midi skirt, complete the look with a tight and neat top;


5. The choice of colour is key. There is no specific shade that will turn you into a model with 90-60-90 parameters, but try not to mix colours too often. An outfit in one tone elongates the silhouette, and a black palette does not always reduce volumes.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, you can curl spectacular curls without a curling iron and curlers. With the help of a tin can and a hairdryer, you can do your hair in 10 minutes. This life hack will be especially useful for those who don't have time to go to the stylist.

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