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Universal manicure colours

Before going to a manicurist, every girl faces a difficult question: what colour of varnish to choose. The variety of palettes, on the one hand, is a pleasure, but on the other hand, it makes the selection process very difficult. In addition, it is also important to take into account your skin tone and nail shape, because some varnishes may simply not suit you. However, there are shades that are considered universal - they will look perfect on any beauty and will suit any look.

Of course, this list can cover the entire palette of nude shades, from transparent to milky or light pink. However, you probably already know about the versatility of these varnishes. Therefore, in the OBOZREVATEL material, we propose to talk about bolder and more unexpected colour schemes.

Blueberry milk


A pale shade of pastel blue mixed with a transparent, creamy shade makes this tone unique. "Blueberry Milk" is a trend in the world of nail art that will look especially relevant in the hot summer period. Its soft, but at the same time icy undertone will effectively contrast with bright or dark outfits, as well as elegantly complement light and light looks.



Surprisingly, lilac is universally suitable for all skin tones and nail shapes. This shade has a playful energy, looks discreet and delicate, but still unusual. Variations on the pastel shade have gone viral this year, including "digital lavender" - a lilac with a chrome finish, and "milk lavender" - a translucent version of the colour.



Whether you like it or not, red manicure is considered a timeless classic. It adds brightness to your look all year round and goes well with all shades of clothing. Moreover, red has a huge number of tones: you can choose a deeper colour or one close to carrot.

Earthy taupe


Taupe is a really versatile neutral colour, but experiment with other earthy shades like olive, moss, and rust to see which one best complements your individual skin tone and matches your mood. Go for a darker colour and choose a delicious chocolate brown to add depth and richness to your nail art.

Blush noir


Blush noir is a "golden medium" between black and red. Although this brooding shade is often associated with autumn and winter, its red nuances really shine through in the sunshine of summer. It is still in great demand as a shade that suits any look. It's a favourite among celebrities because it looks particularly luxurious and noble.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL also wrote that animal prints have once again burst into the list of trends for 2023. This trend pleases us with its boldness and showiness not only in clothes but also in nail art. If you think that "leopard" is a sign of tastelessness and vulgarity, we hasten to dispel this myth. When applied correctly, this pattern looks exceptionally bold and stylish. For current ideas of leopard manicure for summer 2023, see our article.

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