They will make you fat and can age you! 6 "most dangerous" hairstyles that are not for everyone. Photo.

Hairstyles that make you look fat and can age you

Your hairstyle is one of the key elements of your look, so it's important to choose it responsibly. A properly selected haircut will not only look stylish, but will also be able to hide flaws, and in the opposite case, emphasise them. Therefore, it is important for ladies to avoid hairstyles that make them look fat and visually add age. Fortunately, there are not so many of them, but they do exist.

It is especially important for overweight girls to know about such haircuts, as they will definitely not suit them, making their face even more rounded. OBOZREVATEL will tell you and show you the "dangerous" hairstyles that curvy beauties should avoid.



Girls like the Sassoon haircut because it is easy to care for. But it is not suitable for everyone. This hairstyle frames the face in an even semicircle, which visually widens it and makes it even rounder than it really is.

Bob with straight bangs


Over the past few seasons, the bob has not left the podium of hairstyle trends. Its various variations are demonstrated by famous stars and bloggers, and therefore it is not surprising that ladies around the world prefer it. Beauties with chubby cheeks also look great with a bob, but its variation with straight and thick bangs is a categorical no. Irregular bangs can emphasise the roundness of the face.



Girls with pronounced cheekbones are not afraid to have haircuts called "boyish". With them, they remain feminine, but at the same time look daring. But this option is not suitable for full-figured ladies. When there is little hair on the head, the whole focus shifts to the face, so it visually appears larger.

Pixie with shaved temples


Here we can observe the effect is approximately the same as with the buzzcut - the less hair, the bigger the cheeks. However, a pixie with shaved temples looks really stylish on few people.

Smooth bob with short strands


Anyone who has had a bob knows how impressive and stylish it looks. But there are so many varieties of this haircut that choosing your perfect one is not an easy task. But we can tell you what kind of bob you should definitely ignore if you have a round face - a cropped version with clear strands.

Perm with a fine curl


Sometimes girls really want to add some flirtatiousness to their look. What better way to do this than with fine curls? But if you are overweight, there is a risk of getting a visual "increase" instead of playfulness, as too much volume on the head makes the face look bigger.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, the fashion trends of 2023 brought a trend for cropped hairstyles. Many stars have already radically changed their hair length in favour of shorter haircuts. And one of the most fashionable hairstyles of this season is the so-called bubble-bob. Read more about the most fashionable haircut for spring 2023 in our article.

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