They make you look old and fat! Seven unforgivable mistakes in the choice of clothing, which reeks of "cheapness". Photo

Some mistakes in the selection of the look can ruin the outfit

Choosing stylish clothes without the help of stylists and basic knowledge of fashion trends is not an easy task that many people face every day. There is a great risk of ruining the entire look because of a mistake in choosing every component of the outfit.

The wrong style, color or decor can add extra pounds or even age. Not to mention that a wrong choice will cheapen the whole image, even if the thing is really not cheap. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 7 common mistakes (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The length of the skirt or dress is unfortunate

Whichever trend prevails on the catwalks, for each beauty there is a relevant length of skirt and dress. Tall girls can afford maxi and midi lengths, while the owners of petite height these models will add kilograms.


Clothes from the Past

It often happens that nostalgia pushes to wear a thing from the distant past that was once very fashionable. However, it should be remembered that even trends returned from the past change. Therefore, it is impossible to style old clothes as successfully as before.


Wrong jeans.

Jeans are in every closet, because they have become almost the most practical option of pants. However, you need to make sure that the material was stiff and did not emphasize the relief of the skin, and the style sat on the figure. For example, stylish "moms" or "cargos" will look appropriate for skinny legs, but skinny jeans will unsuccessfully emphasize them.


Evening look in the afternoon

Fashionistas know exactly that there is a time for every image, hairstyle, perfume and makeup. Evening options are always brighter, more shiny and fancier, so in the daytime it is better to refuse all the motley, so as not to look "white sheep".


Lots of details.

An interesting and stylish look is not always about an overabundance of colors and decor. In an era when elegance and simplicity are at the peak of popularity, unnecessary accessories and colorful clothes will look cheap and outdated.


The Unfortunate Scarf.

Not every scarf that was in fashion a year or 10 years ago will look good now. You should pay attention not only to the pattern, fabric and decorations that are still on trend, but also to how you tie it.


Fuzzy Silhouette.

Nothing adds so much weight as a fuzzy silhouette. The image should always be properly accentuated - emphasized the waist, bare collarbones or hands. A rough, baggy cut is not the same as the oversize. So it is desirable to make sure that the figure looks proportionate.


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