These secrets will make you look younger: how to choose the right clothes for your hair colour. Photos.

Stylists gave advice for women with different hair colours

Stylists insist that a well-chosen image can visually "rejuvenate" every girl no worse than cosmetic procedures. To do this, you need to know a few rules on how to combine the colour of clothes with hair shades and complexion.

So, there are tips for owners of black, blonde, brown and even grey hair. They are described on the Flashmode website (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

Tips for owners of black hair:

Beauties with the darkest shade of hair are advised not to overuse pastel and dark colours. The youthfulness of brunettes can be emphasised by bright colours that are appropriately combined with nude. You can also choose light wardrobe items that will set off dark hair and refresh your complexion.


Recommendations for blondes:

Blondes will be visually "rejuvenated" by pastel colours - pink, yellow, blue, beige, grey, lavender. These shades will emphasise light skin tones. However, it is important that they have elements of white.


The best outfit shades for beauties with brown hair:

A palette of warm colours, as well as turquoise, navy and muted green, will emphasise the beauty of brown hair and youthfulness. In addition, coral, salmon, apricot and honey accents can disguise the extra years.


Options for grey hair:

Delicate shades of light beige, grey, pink and purple are best suited to cold grey hair. The most successful colours for grey hair are purple, lilac, lavender and various berry shades of red and pink.


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