The wife of the late Vitaliy Bilonozhko recalled how he fought with Viktor Yushchenko: he was stabbed

Vitaliy Bilonozhko fought with Viktor Yushchenko

The famous Ukrainian singer Svitlana Bilonozhko recalled how her husband, People's Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Bilonozhko, whose heart stopped beating on January 9 this year, used to get into fights with the third Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko. It even came to the use of cold steel and serious injuries. However, at that time they were not a people's artist and a president, but ordinary young men, and they fought mostly over girls.

Vitaliy Bilonozhko was born and raised in the village of Sloboda in Sumy region. The village of Khoruzhivka, where Viktor Bilonozhko comes from, is located just a few kilometers from this village. So when they were young, the boys often crossed paths. Svitlana Bilonozhko shared the details of the clashes between the future singer and the president in an interview with Dmytro Gordon.

The interviewer recalled how he had spoken with the founder and organizer of the Melody of Two Hearts International Family Creativity Festival in the past. It was from Vitaliy Bilonozhko that Gordon learned about his clashes with Viktor Yushchenko. According to the singer, he and the future president "went to the same girls. And if they could not share someone, they used their fists and sometimes even cold steel.

The late singer's wife commented: "He told me this. He said: "The most interesting thing is that all his girls came to me... Look at this. He was undressing, and he had stab wounds there, there, there, there. The fights were serious!"

The wife of the late Vitaliy Bilonozhko recalled how he fought with Viktor Yushchenko: he was stabbed

Recalling her lover's stories from the past, the singer claims that he was the main handsome man in the village, so all the girls were his.

"Ukrainian women are beautiful. Brown-eyed, with black eyebrows. And the boys fought for the girls. And whoever won got the girl. He used to tell me: "No, I was always the first. All the girls were mine," Bilonozhko said.

The most important thing is that all the old conflicts and quarrels based on love are in the past. So when Vitaliy Bilonozhko became an outstanding singer and Viktor Yushchenko became the country's leader, the men reconciled and even became friends. The president visited the singer on his birthday. Svitlana Bilonozhko recalls that Viktor Yushchenko sincerely loved his countryman.

"Everyone loved him. I remember when we celebrated his 65th birthday, all the presidents came. It was so nice. They just wanted to touch his warmth, to feel this aura of goodwill and humanity," the artist added.

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