"The strength and power of our country and warriors": the author of the costumes for the final performance of TVORCHI at Eurovision 2023 revealed their symbolism

On the night of May 13 to 14 in Liverpool the grand final of Eurovision-2023 took place, in which the representatives of Ukraine TVORCHI came on stage and conquered the audience with their hit "Heart of Steal", dedicated to the defenders of Azovstal. The duo managed to win for our country the sixth place. Euro fans were impressed not only by a powerful number of Ukrainians but also by their magnificent costumes.

The outfits of the musicians for the grand final were designed by Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov, who has collaborated with Beyonce and Sam Smith, and has also dressed Tina Karol, Jamala, and British presenter Alisha Dixon for Eurovision-2023. The founder and the creative director of the FROLOV brand told ELLE.UA about the symbolism of costumes for Jeffrey Kenny and Andrey Gutsulyak.

As we have already noticed, the song Heart of Steal, the title of which is translated as "Hearts of Steel" was written by Andriy Gutsulyak after the events at Azovstal in Mariupol. The indestructible spirit of the Ukrainian defenders also inspired Ivan Frolov.


"The images we created for the TVORCHI performers and dancers are a continuation of the story we presented on stage at the National Selection in December, where the central symbol is the Ukrainian heart of steel," shared the designer.


Jeffrey Kenny's costume consists of a black, golf-style base and wide pants. The vocalist's chest is adorned with a voluminous gold heart. The concept of the steel character and strength of Ukrainians is primarily embodied in the performer's hand-embroidered steel sleeve.


And here on Gutsuliak's chest "pulsed" a silver heart made in the same technique.


The dancers wore black pants similar to trousers, and the general silhouettes of the images refer to the stylistics of the clothing of princely times. In addition, the outfits involve embroidery, which was used in the clothing of Cossack petty officers.


"Thus, in the outfits we have reconstructed the strength and power of our country and our warriors, thanks to which we can live, work and represent Ukraine on the international platform of Eurovision," - specified Frolov.

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