The orchid will bloom like mad: What to water the flower for the best result

Sometimes it is not easy to "persuade" an orchid to bloom - the plant is very sensitive to the conditions of maintenance and because of the slightest mistakes it can go into economy of strength mode. This is why the flower needs to be fed. But do it carefully. However, to find what fertilizer to treat orchid, so it blooms well, just open your home medicine cabinet.

OBOZREVATEL tells about such a remedy. It is quite widely used for the care of house flowers and is quite safe. It is activated charcoal.

Enriching the substrate

The substrate on which orchids grow is very poor. But over-enriching it with nutrients can be devastating for the flower. At the same time, charcoal will make the soil more breathable and allow the plant to get more nutrients through root breathing. It will also absorb excess moisture from over-watering. Simply spread a few tablets evenly in the pot.

If you sprinkle the substrate with crushed or chopped activated charcoal, it will work as a mulch. It protects the surface and does not allow fungal growth in the soil.

Root care.

Grinded activated charcoal is widely used for antiseptic treatment of the roots of houseplants. It is also suitable for orchids. If a flower is sick, has dropped a flower stalk, its leaves are wilting and it needs a complete repotting, be sure to use this remedy in the process.

Take the plant out of the pot and check the roots. Cut off any that are rotted and withered, and sprinkle some charcoal over the cut areas. It will work as an antiseptic and become a protective barrier to unwanted microorganisms that can't get inside the plant.

Using as a watering cannabis

You can also add activated charcoal to the water to water your orchid, if you water the plant by immersion. It is a good idea to do the procedure once every few months. Charcoal will work as a prophylactic against root rot. Simply put a few whole tablets in the water. As a powerful sorbent, they will absorb all unwanted substances. And this improves the health of the plant and well stimulates flowering.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told you what mistakes in care can prevent an orchid from blooming.

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