The only one in the history of Eurovision: what is known about the singer who won the contest twice, and why he almost gave up music

A contestant from Ireland won Eurovision twice

In the long history of the European song contest Eurovision, only one singer managed to win it twice - Irishman Johnny Logan. Usually countries are represented by different performers, but sometimes the same artist takes part.

In 2023 there is a high probability that the Swedish singer Lauryn will win the second victory in the history of the show, but so far only Johnny Logan has experienced such a triumph. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about him in details (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

Victory at Eurovision

In 1980, the 26-year-old Johnny represented Ireland in the song contest with the song What's Another Year. Then he managed to beat the competition from Germany, scoring 15 points more.

For 7 years the artist continued to build his career, until he again decided to try his forces on the European stage. In 1987 he performed the author's composition Hold Me Now and was able to win for the second time and consolidate his success.

Career after victory

His first triumph at Eurovision brought the Irishman unprecedented popularity. His talent was noticed not only by listeners all over the world, but also by record labels. However, during this period the artist faced his first problem - his label did not want Logan to perform his usual songs.


After conflicts over musical directions he wanted to end his career, but later changed his mind. The Irishman terminated his contract with the label and with a new wave of inspiration he continued to write songs.

It is interesting that he created compositions not only for himself, but also for other musicians, among whom were participants of the following Eurovision Song Contests. So, in 1992, the song Why Me? Performed by Linda Martin won first place in the competition. Due to this success Logan was nicknamed "Mr. Eurovision".


Throughout his life he has released 19 albums and dozens of singles. The singer continues his creative activity even now. On May 13, the day of the final of Eurovision 2023, he will be 69 years old.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, the day before the first semi-final of the show, where the audience chose 10 finalists. The numbers were bright and flamboyant, which infuriated the "indifferent" Russians, who have not been invited for two years because of terrorism in Ukraine.

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