The hottest model in the world turned out to be fake: a lot of billionaires fell for the fraud. Photos

Artificial intelligence has created an almost real woman

Model Emily Pellegrini attracts the attention of famous footballers, MMA fighters, and billionaires through her beautiful photos and videos on Instagram. In four months, the "hottest model in the world" has amassed over 138 thousand followers and a flurry of direct messages.

In fact, Emily Pellegrini does not exist, and all the photos and videos were created by artificial intelligence. Thanks to AI, its creator has already earned about $10 thousand in six weeks, Daily Mail reports.

Billionaires have fallen for the artificial model

He explained how he managed to create a "person" that appealed to men, "I asked the GPT Chat what the average man's dream woman is like, and he said she has long brown hair and long legs, so I created her exactly as they said. The goal was to make her pretty and attractive. I wanted to keep her as realistic as possible."

Many people are trying to get in touch with her. Emily's Instagram profile includes people like football players, billionaires, MMA fighters, and tennis players. "They think she is real. They invite her to Dubai to meet her and eat at great restaurants," the creator said.

AI created a woman that looks like a real one

Initially, 14-16 hours a day were spent on creating the image of a real woman to really understand which programs Emily's face, body, and videos work well with. Now, eight hours are spent on content every week.

In addition to Emily, the AI also created her sister, Fiona. She is also gaining immense popularity on Instagram. The founder decided not to stop there, "I have a plan to release the third and fourth models, but not so soon. They don't have names yet, but the third one will be a redhead."

Emily with her sister Fiona

As OBOZ.UA reported, this is not the only female influencer created by artificial intelligence. Earlier, Aitana Lopez gained the same popularity and even earned money from advertising.

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