Artist Volodymyr Chornyi died in the war: he went to the front line, although his documents were lost in the military commissariat

Volodymyr Chornyi died in the war with the occupiers

Famous Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Chornyi, who was a volunteer, was killed at the frontline in a battle with the Russian occupiers. The soldier was killed on May 9 at 5 am.

His beloved Olena Biletska dedicated a Facebook post to the brave hero, in which she told about the tragedy. In the comments, Ukrainians expressed their condolences (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

According to the defender's chosen one, he never doubted for a moment that he would defend his country. Despite the fact that the artist's documents were lost at the military enlistment office, he still took up arms.


"You became a super warrior. You went to positions alone, led the military through the most dangerous places, fired at the enemy and pulled wounded comrades from the battlefield. He liberated our cities, cooked delicious borscht for the platoon, and stood up for us. In his spare moments, he took pictures of flowers and moss, which is why your comrades shunned you at first. I wrote stories, took care of stray animals. I feel wild rage that the Russians destroyed such a bright and generous personality," Olena Biletska wrote.


It is known that Volodymyr Chornyi was working on the creation of the Ukrainian feature film "Pamphir" in 2022 with director Dmytro Sukholytkyi-Sobchuk. He also reacted to the warrior's death.

"You were one of the most reliable people. As your colleague said, only good things will remain in your memory. I remember only bright moments about you. Glory to the hero," the director wrote.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that the Russian occupiers claimed the life of 23-year-old Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier Bohdan Mikhalaki from Izmail, Odesa region, who went to the front as a volunteer. He was a famous violinist in his small homeland.

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