The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest participant from Poland has responded to accusations that her brother supports Russia: "I'm crying with sadness"

Blanka reacts to allegations against her family

Polish singer Blanca, who represented her country at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and received 12 points from Ukrainian viewers, responded to accusations that her brother supports Russia. The Poles shared a screenshot of a post allegedly supporting Kremlin terrorism on his page, which resulted in a lot of hate mail against the star and her family.

The singer said that her family had never supported Russia, but did not want to explain where the screenshot came from. Blanka's press service gave a comment to Channel 24 (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The artist said that she was "crying with sadness" because of the information spread in the Ukrainian media.

"I am always and forever with the Ukrainian people with all my heart. I have supported you from the very beginning. I, like my entire family, live in solidarity with the suffering of the Ukrainian people who are undergoing brutal attacks. We have never supported and do not support aggression against Ukraine," said the Polish singer.


The star also added that she was hurt to read that her brother allegedly supports Russia. According to Blanca, her family sympathises with and supports the Ukrainian people.

The Polish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 also shared that she wants to perform in Ukraine.

"I hope I can visit your beautiful country as soon as possible and perform in a free Ukraine," she added.

As we wrote earlier, few Polish Euro fans were happy when the singer of the memorable song Solo won the national selection. This triggered a wave of criticism against the artist and her family. Then a video appeared online claiming that the singer's brother was supporting Russia.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that Estonian singer Alika, who represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, performed in the occupied Ukrainian Crimea with pro-Putin singer Nikolai Baskov in 2015.

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